Wondering How

Wondering How to earn through car park?

Car Parking is quickly becoming one of the most revolutionary industries. Free Car Parking App available now on Android and IOS platform can be easily installed on phone. The best part of using these apps is that you can find a car parking spot conveniently. Traditionally, we all have faced issues with car parking. Looking for a free parking spot in a busy day would sometimes feel like fighting endlessly to get to right spot. Yet many of us achieve nothing even after spending circling around the place. This (car parking) is one significant issue in cities around the world especially the metropolitan cities. The big cities have left with no space to park car safely. Whenever you park a car there is always a chance of theft and mishandling. It is hassle for even locals to find a spot for car.

On the other hand, chances for tourist find a free parking spot near airport is near to impossible. In worse cases, you might have an open place just in front of you, but somebody else occupies it before you reach it. This is one of the everyday situations faced by car owners. If you have a car but no way to make sure that you get parking where you need, whenever you need it then you are looking towards troubles and hassle-full journey. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to find free parking spots.

free parking spots

Today we live in the era changed by technology. The world is turning a rapid pace, and so does the technology we use in our day to day lives. One of a fantastic gift of today’s technology innovation and hard work on many programmers is online car parking app. These rental car apps are free, easy to download, available on Android and IOS platforms. The application is a comprehensive solution for car owners. No matter you have sedans or hunchbacks; using these apps, you can park your car for free in 57+ countries. So, all you have to do is download the application on your phone, make sure to register the application and that is it! You can use it anywhere, any times and reserved parking space without any hassle. Nowadays, there are a lot of apps online which offer similar functionality and therefore it is easy to get confused. Here are a few features of a good car park app. If you find all of these features in one app, then that is the app to download immediately.

  1. The App allows you to see a parking space from $0
  2. The App will enable you to rent the car at the best price
  3. The App will allow you to park in free parking spots
  4. The App will enable you to earn on every mile driven with your car
  5. The App will enable you to locate a parking spot near airports, ports, train station and downtown areas etc.
  6. The App allows you to get complete insurance on your car

insurance on your car

A Brief History of Free Car Parking App

A few decades ago finding affordable parking would be a challenge. It is not in only in the case when you put up in a populated area. In one of the fact, IBM found that 30% of a city’s traffic increases because of a driver looking for a free parking spot. As the problem rapidly spread and become noticeable, there were some apps made to help car owners find an open parking spot. Here is a list of traditionally used car parking applications:-

  1. BestParking
  2. Parker
  3. Sport Hero
  4. ParkMe
  5. Parking Mate
  6. Parking Panda
  7. ParkWhiz
  8. VoicePark
  9. Can I Park here?
  10. PrimoSpot
  11. Chicago Parking

Chicago Parking

Many of the aforementioned cars parking app offered a plethora of different features to the users. The features range from 24/7 available parking spot to 50% discounts on parking. Millions of user used this application and gained an advantage over others looking for a free place. Moving forward, today we have advanced parking apps which allows $0 parking. This means that if you have accepted to rent your car while you are away, then you just secured a free parking spot and moreover in exchange, you get paid every mile driven with your vehicle! This simple concept offered a revolutionary way to car owner to park-n-earn. Furthermore, it made travelers lives easier. Now, what if something happens whiles your car is on rent? The TravelCar application provides complete coverage aka insurance on your vehicle. All you have to do is make a booking using them, and you get immediate confirmation. You can then drive to the parking spot, do a free car parking, affirm to give can on rent and earn money while you are away. Lastly, come back to find your car at the same parking spot. TravelCar handles everything!

This type of Travel Car’s Booking System is natural, intuitive and allows you to earn. Full car inspection is done before and after the service within minutes. This unique way of getting money while travelling is a novel idea this has served millions of people around the world. Many people go for the daily commute, and they affirm to car parking and then earn while they are away! They come back to see the car in the parking spot like it was never moved on the first place. What about the money you earn? When you try free car parking apps to generate a passive income, or you use it since you are a daily commuter whatever the scenarios be you get money directly in your bank account. This is a safe, secure and straightforward way to earn money without literally doing anything at all! List of parking space around airports, train station, ports and downtown area worldwide:-

Part 1: Airports:-

  1. Los Angele International Airport
  2. JFK Airport
  3. Logan Airports
  4. San Francisco International Airport
  5. Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  6. O’Hare International Airport
  7. Dallas Airport etc.

Part 2: Stations:-

  1. Penn Station
  2. Union Station
  3. 30th Street Station
  4. Chicago Union Station
  5. South Station
  6. Sacramento Valley Station
  7. Albany-Rensselaer
  8. Santa Fe Depot
  9. Providence Station

The aforementioned list contains only a few airport and station. To view the complete list, you can download the applications. Lastly, while you are in-process to book a parking spot or in case you have a general query then the car parking app offers free around the clock customer service as well. You can dial up to them any time and launch your query to get instant solutions. Earn through car park now!

Author’s Bio: Mhiri through his hard work, dedication and result oriented approach made it possible for millions of car owner to have a safe, sound, cheap and secure car parking solution. The park-n-earn option has made it possible for a plethora of people to earn passive income while they are out-of-station or on tour. The TravelCar Application has changed the way we look for free parking space nearby.

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