The Ultimate 8-Weekend Off-Road Trips

The outdoors has a way of bringing out the best in men, no matter their age. Like the explorers of yore, going off-road has the power to thrill even the dullest soul. The problem today is that there aren’t many opportunities for men to explore nature. Life is too fast-paced thus making it hard to find time to be away for prolonged periods of time. For most people, the affordable option is riding offroad over the weekend. It is simple to pull through. On Saturday morning, get on your dirt bike and head off an adventure of a lifetime. It cannot get easier than that.

Here are the ultimate 8-weekend off-road trips you should enjoy while you can:

  1. Calico Ghost Town, California

In the 1880s, this was sort of a silver-mine mecca, which explains the long tunnels running in its mountainsides. There’s nothing much to this town but a few houses and saloons. Having produced more than $20 million worth of silver ore in its heyday, the town one of the go-to tourist attractions in California. Due to its wild nature, this town is best explored using on a dirt bike. Apart from having a mining history, the town also has an early man site for you to explore.

Calico Ghost Town

  1. Moab and Paiute ATV trail, Utah

If you love riding dirt bikes, this southeastern Utah site is the place to go. It boasts of Slickrock, cliffs, water, sand, epic scenery, and giant boulders. The place is so remote that some riders have labeled it the ultimate destination for the adventurous soul. It has trails traversing a couple of mountain ranges and some red rock cliffs. If you want a real challenge, go riding for 275 miles in the Paiute ATV trail. However, ensure that your bike is working just fine.

  1. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia

This West Virginia location is home to over 500 miles of riding trails. It is composed of more than 6 distinct trail heads spread over 5 counties. Most of the ground served as battlefields during the civil war. In the near future, the Hatfield McCoy Trails will incorporate over 2000 miles with the addition of more counties.

  1. Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis, California)

Imperial Sand Dunes is a popular movie location. It is a desert spanning 40 miles with temperatures as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In a group of friends, ride towards the horizon. Here, you will behold divine sunsets, for sure.

Imperial Sand Dunes

  1. Upper Peninsula Michigan

From the Lower Peninsula, you can easily access the Silver Lake Sand Dunes or head north to the Michigan Upper Peninsula. Relish the thought of getting lost in a pine/cedar forest as you behold pristine rivers and lakes, together with the Tahquamenon Water Falls. If you like, you can go hunting. As long as your bike parts are performing well, you can explore the deep woods.

  1. Magruder Road Corridor, Montana and Idaho

This may not be an off-road location, but it is a one-lane road running for up to 117 miles. On this trail, you tend to feel like you are headed off to nowhere, much like what off-road riding actually is. The trail begins in Elk City, Idaho and ends in Darby, Montana. Be sure to behold the rushing rivers, lush valleys, and stunning vistas as you ride dirt bikes.

  1. El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona

Imagine riding in the footsteps of 16-century miners, missionaries, settlers, and conquistadores, the only difference is that the pioneers trekked on foot. The trail starts at Ajo, Arizona, and snakes along the US/Mexican border for 250 miles. Littered along the way are attractions such as Tule Mountains, Pinacate Volcanic Field, and Pinta Sand Dunes.

El Camino Del

  1. The High Country, Victoria, Australia

This is the only destination outside the US that we have included on this list. It is situated in the alpine country and has many trails, tracks, and camping sites. In the 1800s, people came to this region in droves with expectations of striking it rich in the gold rush. Today, the rocky tracks are great for riders. If you are planning to travel in your 4WD vehicle, make sure you first put a roof rack on your car. For sturdy roof racks, Melbourne is a good place to make a purchase. It’ll ensure that you carry your luggage with ease and have a comfortable journey.

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A weekend ride off-road is a thrilling experience that you should have often. As long as you have a working dirt bike, you can get it out on the road and get going.

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