Privacy Policy

When you use our website, we do not collect any type of personal information like name, address etc. If you give us this information, then its use will only be used to provide you the information sought by you.

When you pass through the pages of the website, read them or download any information from this website, we automatically collect some technical information and protect it from your arrival. With this information, it can never be ascertained who you are, then don’t be worried about this.

From these figures, we find out the number of visitors coming to our website and also know what kind of technology our users use, we never mark or collect the information about the users and their arrival. We use this information only to make our website even better for you.

If you send us personal information :- Our website never collects information for marketing related to business or creates personal profiles. If you want local information in response to any of your questions or you want to give your opinion, you must give your email address, but it is our recommendation that you do not share any of your personal information.

What information does the website have?

You can use the website for your IP Use with address, we use cookies or similar electronic means, to store information. We can store cookies on your computer, which in turn will store your geographical location information.

The cookies collected on your computer are refreshed every month () so that the information stored in the cookies is latest and relevant to you. We reserve the right to forcibly reset of cookies before the expiration of one month for technical reasons. However, such a cookie bust will not apply to all users of the website, not targeting a particular user.

Does this website share with my third party government organization?

We keep in mind that you do not want to share your personal information with other companies and therefore we do not do business to sell it to others. We only include the following information related to our affiliate group which is under this Privacy Policy.

Third Party Service Providers We can hire other companies and individuals for our performance. For example delivery of e-mail, data analysis, marketing support, providing search results, links (including payment link and link) and customer service. They require access to personal information till the personal information, but they cannot use personal information for any other purpose. In addition to this, the personal information process by them is in accordance with the Nizamata Policy and as permitted by applicable law.