How to Make Your India Tour Meaningful?

How to Make Your India Tour Meaningful?

Vacations provide us the much-needed break from our dull and monotonous life. Hence it is important that we plan them efficiently and apart from just bringing some gifts and souvenirs while coming back, it is more important to bring back a bunch of happy and colorful memories which will last a lifetime.

Moreover, if you are traveling to a country as diverse as India which has so much to offer, then it becomes all the more important to plan the tour in a way that it gives you more than your expectations and at the same time does not stress you out. We have made a short list of tips which will guide you in planning your tour. So, have a look here first!

1. Where to go?

India is a land of rich historical heritage and diverse culture, tradition, landscapes, religion, and identities. So, before starting your tour to India you must know about its story, its specialities and sort out the must-visit places because it’s a difficult decision to choose from a variety of options which range from endless desserts to mighty snow-capped mountain peaks to lush green tropical forests to serene beaches to many more other beautiful destinations. Therefore, read and make yourself enough aware to decide wisely about whether you want to see the Indian wildlife, swim through calm backwaters, wander through the Himalayan valleys, watch the gorgeous sunrise and sunset, indulge with the locals or just do all of them.

2. When to go?

Though generally India is considered as a tropical country with an overall hot climate but to be honest Indian country experiences a variety of climate in different regions. On one hand, you will find the northern part of the country covered in snow, while on the other you can see the far southern part experiencing the monsoon rains. Hence, after filling in your itinerary about the places you wish to visit, the next step you need to do is to research well about the climatic conditions of the place to void any last moment mess caused by climatic surprises. However, a general approximation where India witnesses the arrival of most of its tourists is during the months from October to March which is regarded as comparatively cooler months. But if you are planning to visit the northern India which includes places like Kashmir, Ladakh, etc. you may wish for the weather to warm up a bit and go in months between April and September. 

3. Major Attractions or Roads Less Traveled By?

The next step is to decide whether you want to see the major attractions of the place or want to explore the secrets of the place by taking the roads less traveled by. This choice will make a great impact on the further planning of your tour as if you go with the first option then you may even hire a tour guide but if you chose the second option then you must research more about the place and become more comfortable with the place to travel independently. In case of the first choice, you need not to worry much as the touring company you will connect with will coordinate with you forming an itinerary, arranging transport and so on. But for traveling independently, it is better to hire a driver and a car who can take you places you desire to. Moreover, it will give you an option of roaming freely, interacting with the locals, witnessing the culture and religion more closely.

Major Attractions or Roads Less Traveled By?

4. Where Will You Stay at?

Though sometimes you can get great offers even at direct check in sometimes due to tourist season you might find yourself in many completely booked hotels or might have to pay excessively to get yourself an accommodation. After traveling, one wishes for comfort and relaxation, therefore it is better for you to book your hotels or accommodations previously to avoid any last moment chaos because landing without any place to stay at in an already unfamiliar land is surely a tragedy which you won’t like to be a part of. You can do so by researching online, as today India is home to many world-class hotels which have the options of advance booking.  

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What to Expect Once You Land in India

5. What to Expect Once You Land in India?

If described truly India is a chaotic jumble of culture and spirituality. Hence if you have not visited India before, initially you might be a bit surprised not knowing what to expect. Therefore, to solve this problem it is better to get to know more about actual India rather than just assuming what India would look like, so as to mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to step into. This can be done by reading news headlines or knowing about the then political scenario or by watching documentaries or other Indian series. Another thing that you must know about is the rules and the dangers; every country has its own set of laws, crimes, dangers, and problems. So, it is better to take precaution and be aware of these dangers beforehand instead of spoiling your vacation by getting stuck in some annoying problem. 

India is a colorful and beautiful land with sweeping landscapes and cultures. We wish you have an amazing and meaningful tour!

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