Cheapest and Best Places to Visit in Summer

Cheapest and Best Places to Visit in Summer

holidays of summer is coming, people want to enjoy the holiday by traveling with the family, so that the yearly tiredness and boredom can be removed and the next energy will be able to communicate new energy in the mind. Along with the hobby of walking around, if you also like adventures, then you will surely want to go to such a place, where you can enjoy trekking, boating, paragliding etc.

There are many such places that fit your budget in India where you can make a lot of fun. If your budget is not high, then you can visit these beautiful places of India. In terms of beauty and romance these Indian places are no less than.

So let’s know about Cheapest and best places to visit in summer

  • Darjeeling: – Surrounded by beautiful mountains of Darjeeling, Darjeeling can make you crazy. This beautiful city is situated on the north side of the state of West Bengal. Due to the delicate nature of Darjeeling and the cold atmosphere, a large number of tourists come here.
  • Shimla :- Shimla is called the queen of the mountains. Many people here also come to celebrate honeymoon. Shimla is the most untouchable tourist spot in India. Here you can enjoy the beautiful snow melts along with the snow.

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  • Manali :- What about the beauty of Manali and this tourist spot among the tourists? Manali town, situated between mountains, is famous for its beauty all over the world. Every year millions of tourists come here to roam around.
  • Ladakh :- Seeing the beauty of Ladakh, you will not believe in your eyes. There are many such places in Ladakh that you can be surprised by its beauty. Ladakh is quite calm and beautiful place. Ladakh remains a favorite in the month of July, because by then the ice has melted quite a lot.
  • Sikkim :- Sikkim is situated in the beautiful city of Sikkim in the lap of the Himalayas. Here you get to see the mysterious beauty and charm of nature. Sikkim is the best option for nature lovers. You will also get a chance to know Buddhism in Sikkim.
  • Kashmir :- Kashmir is said to be the earth’s paradise. If you are tired of urban run-off, then the beauty of Kashmir will give peace to your mind. The beauty of Kashmir is unmatched. The beautiful plains, the high hills, the lakes flowing between the valleys attract visitors very much.
  • Auli :- Auli is so beautiful that you will never have even thought. This fame spot in Uttarakhand gives peace to your mind away from heat and noisy. Clouds wrapped in high-bright white bright mountains, the natural landscape of snow frozen by miles attracts tourists’ minds.

This is the cheapest places to roam in the summer – tourists like these beautiful places of India very much. Every year lakhs of people visit these places to visit the place. The most important thing about these places is that you can roam around your budget here.

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