Best Beach in Goa for Honeymoon Couples

Best Beach in Goa for Honeymoon Couples

Goa is famous for its charming beaches worldwide. The flashing sand, the skirting coconut trees, sea waves and the spectacular seafood … just after taking the name of Goa, it all goes in the eye. The wedding season is about to begin, but the planning of honeymoon starts right away. You may also be planning your honeymoon in Goa and planning a trip package to make your honeymoon memorable, but before you plan for anything, you must read about the best beach in goa for honeymoon couples needed.

Today we will tell you about Goa, where you can make your trip memorable –

Baga beach :- Baga Beach Party is known for nightlife and sea food. It has good restaurants and hotels. It attracts the tourists from its brown sand and palm trees.

Agunda Beach :- Agonda Beach is the quietest and cleanest beach. Here tourists can enjoy sunshine peacefully. There is not much crowd here, so attracts a lot of tourists who spend time alone.

Candolim beach :- This beach is one of Goa’s longest beaches. Candolim area is situated near the most famous coast of Goa, Kailangut Beach. The atmosphere here is quite peaceful.

Kalangut beach :- This beach is famous for water sports and dolphins. Kailung Beach in Goa is known as the queen of beaches. There is a lot of crowd on Christmas and New Year.

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Kevalosim Beach :- Kavelosim Beach is famous for soft white sand. The view here looks very beautiful and adorable.

Vagator beach :- The vagator beach, surrounded by palm and coconut trees, is a beautiful beach near Chopora Fort of Goa. Apart from the other sandy beaches of Goa, this is a rocky beach, from which there is a different experience of beholding the natural beauty of the beach. It is divided into two parts: the northern vagator or the big vagator and the small vagator beach! Popular among tourists, Beach Hut with facilities for stay near this beach remains. Apart from this, there are some famous Open Air clubs which attract tourists from the Midnight parties. There are also many films shooting for this beach and Chopora Fort with it. The famous film Dil Chahta Hai too was shot here.

Anjuna beach :- It is one of the oldest beaches in the middle and tourists’ mood changes at the moment because here the speed is very slow and commercialization is non-existent. The particular thing of Anjuna beach is that it is darker than the other beaches due to the stacked shelf. But you can enjoy swimming plenty of lifeguards available at all times.

You can go to Goa anytime, but after the summers there is a huge crowd of tourists. Most people like to go when cold winter occurs in northern India. Many people go to Goa to celebrate Diwali and New Year. This time is also good for walking.

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